Why Image Optimization Is Important For Your Website In 2021?

The importance of images cannot be ignored when it comes to an ideal website. Users would probably leave your site if it takes more than 5 seconds to load.

This will lead to increasing your bounce rate and affect your conversion rates badly. Adding images take the popularity of your platform to the next level.

Reasons For Image Optimization

Image optimizations play a major role to improve your page load speed, website’s SEO ranking, and adding incredible user experience. Let’s understand this in a detailed manner –

Improving Page Load Speed

Page Load speed is the amount of time a web page requires to get loaded completely. It associates with various other factors including your website hosting to layout & design. An ideal web portal should get loaded in 2 seconds.

Optimizing your website’s weight means leads to improve your web portal speed. Your website users will have a faster experience so that they could easily interact with your service and product.

A variety of tools can help you to analyze your page load speed such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights, ImageKit’s Website, Web Page Test, and so on. It will add an incredible insight to your web page indeed.

To Improve SEO Ranking

It also helps to enhance your web page’s load speed. We all know that it’s a ranking factor. Google does not prefer to go with a slow website at all.

Talking about marketing leaders such as SemRush also collaborate with this factor.

Moreover, Google also mentioned this in 2010 and that is why site speed is needed to consider. Digital marketers require to understand the significance of search ranking in today’s world.

Therefore, it is said to have image optimization must be done accurately so that a website’s speed would not get suffered.

It is quite easy to blow through a variety of product shots. It is also helpful to keep the default file name you assign accordingly. When it comes to going with image SEO, it is quite important to go with relevant keywords to boost up webpage rank search engines.

Creating descriptive men’s keyword-rich file name is quite important for image optimization. Search engines do not only go ahead to crawl the text available on your webpage but they also go for crawling your image file names as well.

To Enhance User Experience

Optimizing your image also plays a major role to impart another opportunity to take your user experience to the next level.

A faster experience on your web portal is needed to get done. Therefore, you should only put relevant images for your website visitors indeed. Here, it needs to add that optimized images should come up with the proper title as well as alt text.

Properly formatted as well as descriptive alt text on your image does not visible on the page but it takes towards making a world of difference to web portal visitors to visual impairments and going with screen readers.

To Supplement Other SEO Efforts

It will be helpful to optimize images since they are indeed a sort of an integral part of your on-page SEO. It also takes towards helping supplement your SEO efforts.

Great Images are needed to take your page and add more engagement to it. Well-optimized images do also hold a chance of showing up in the image carousel on search engines.

It needs to go with an ideal amalgamation of format, title text, alt text, and so on into image SEO. The best thing is that it also gives your image an ideal chance to perform in search. They can also be tied up with your on-page SEO efforts together indeed.

Boost Conversions

If your search ranking improves, it indicates that you are allowed to capture more users indeed. It helps to get more conversions.

The page load speed is directly related to SEO ranking as well as conversions. Marketing leaders do a lot of research to come up with intricate information regarding the relationship between conversions and page load speed.

To Receive More Clicks

Visual item is indeed the key since image adds the visual elements to any web portal, content, or blog. People love sharing relevant images on social media instead of just text content.

It is time to get higher clicks on your post putting worthy images. Do not forget to optimize images for the web to create an easy-to-use web portal.

The above-mentioned tips say that image optimization is quite important. Have you been wondering what tools will be helpful to optimize the images?

You may go with some free tools to get your image to optimize. The tools are Tiny PNG, Gift Of Speed, and Optimizilla. Let us understand everything in a detailed manner –


This tool is just incredible. It is one of the oldest as well as highly efficient free photo optimization tools. It is short of sharp compression technique to reduce the size of PNG files. It mitigates the number of shares that have been used in your image so that fewer byes will be needed to store the data. Moreover, the unnoticeable change leads to creates a big difference in the context of a size which makes it get loaded faster.

Gift Of Speed

This is next on the list quite popular at the forefront. Gift of Speed is an online JPEG compressor and resizer. It helps to adjust the quality, as well as the size of the image in a simple way.JPEG image, is quite small.


It displays an outstanding image quality coming up with the lowest file size possible. The best thing is that it also enables you to compress your PNG and JPEG photos. The best thing is that the cool slider also shows the before as well as after versions to help you compare the quality and size before it gets delivered.

In The End

Hope they share information that helped you to get a much-needed hint. Stay connected to get the latest updates from us.

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