Why Email Marketing Is Important For Business in 2021?

What email marketing can do for your business? Why email marketing is important for business in 2021? What is Email marketing in the simplest words? Why should you think about email marketing?

If you are the one who has been thinking of these points, you are in the right place. You may have no idea that email marketing is quite important. Let us understand it in a detailed manner

To Add Personalize Your Messages

Personalized email marketing does not mean that it is all about sending an individual email to every single subscriber.

Personalize it all about going with collected customer data to create a personalized message. Amazon goes with the same strategy. They believe in sending personalized mail and that is what makes it different from others.

They do not write like “Dear Customer” but “Dear (name of customer)”.

Moreover, they read the customer data to get what do customers like. Amazon takes its customers quite seriously.

For them, email marketing is not just like any other marketing channel but they believe in enhancing the overall customer experience.

Amazon’s strategy worked in a great way and it is an ideal strategy for them too.

Studies say that personalized email makes your transaction rates quite higher. Personalized email can bring amazing results to you indeed.

It makes you different from others. And the simplest form of personalization is all about addressing the reader by its name.

It will take your campaign performance to the next level indeed.

Design your mail in a way so that it could attract more and more customers. You may also go creative in the context.

I am following many digital marketers and in their marketing list. I found Digital Deepak emails are very personalized and segmented.

To Segment Your Subscribers

Segmentation is also quite important.  It is quite high indeed.  Doing segmentation to your database will help your campaign to target more audience.

Let us understand this in the simplest example. You are hosting a networking event for small business owners situated within a 20-mile radius. To churn out the best out, segmentation can truly help you in this context.

Now, you have the date of those small business owners, who listed themselves as living within 20 miles, you may send them an invite by email.

The segmentation part is simple and can be done through CRM Software. It is time to compare this to send one email to your database with subscriber all around the country.

Receivers do not like to receive mail inviting them to another side of the world.

Therefore, it is quite important to know how valuable it is. A study says that segmentation is quite important. The segmentation results in better revenue, open rates, transactions, leads, and more customers.

Moreover, it goes hand in hand with following GDPR and email marketing. It works in an ideal manner. Studies say that segmented section mail can bring a 94% open rate.

Recomonded to use Convertkit totally free for up to 1,000 subscribers for email marketing.

Send Mobile-Friendly Emails

The next on the list is all about sending mobile-friendly emails. Now, the ratio of mobile users has increased to a great extent.

Here, it needs to mention that emails opened on a mobile device ratio is 61%. Do not you think that this number is so huge.

Most of us want to check our phones as soon as we wake up. It is like having updates including checking the message, phone calls, etc.

If you send an email to your subscriber, which is not optimized for that device then what do, you expect? Chances are high that they might unsubscribe or delete it.

Therefore, it is quite important to make sure that you are going to send mobile-friendly emails. Studies say that 20% of email campaigns are not optimized for mobile.

On the other hand, email campaigns are optimized for mobile so that a lot of revenue can be generated. Here, it is being mentioned that the average revenue per mobile email is $0.40.

You may not believe that revenue per email on the mobile device goes quite higher in comparison to desktop

You may not believe that mobile-friendly email can help to make your purchase to the next level.36% of B2B companies have truly optimized their email campaigns to their mobile devices introducing an overall improvement to their email performance indeed.

Reasons to optimize your campaign for mobile devices are implemented responsive email design, keeping the subject line and pre-header short, do make the CTA big and obvious, and so on.

Measurement In The Email World Is Lacking

Here, it needs to mention that 25% of marketers do believe that their company measures email ROI in a great manner. Many say that measurement is not good or non-existent.

Therefore going with a basic ROI formula is important. It assesses the costs of the email marketing campaign. Moreover, the situation is by ditching old tracking methods.

You need to make sure that you are going to follow the best and right strategy. Email marketing has truly got huge popularity these days.

Pandemic Has Also Changed The Way We Do Email

Though we all are aware of it. The pandemic has truly brought a great change in doing business. In this context, personalize email marketing can do wonders. You should pay attention to this since it is a need for their customers beyond ROI.

Now everything is being done following the online mode. You might have no idea that many customers are looking for the best business to have incredible solutions.

Therefore, you must churn out the benefits as much as you can. Understand the need of your customers so that you can grab more and more benefits.  Study your customers’ needs in the right way.

Email Marketing useful for Bloggers

For new bloggers, email marketing is very useful to get traffic on their blog or article by sending weekly or sending newsletters.

But keep in mind treat your subscriber as an asset and give them value through the articles otherwise email opening rate will go down.

In The Last

Hope now you have got that how email marketing works and how important email marketing is for your business. If you have not understood its benefits, you need to pay attention to it. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with these tips so that you can have more benefits indeed.

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