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Which Is The Best Survey Websites To Earn Money?

A plethora of market research companies are looking for the new members across the globe to fill out surveys. If you think that taking part into survey cannot help you to make money, then you are a bit wrong since you can. The survey companies are relying upon people like you sharing opinions and offer money and rewards in return. However, you need to be a bit careful since most of the are legit and probably never pay out. Here, we are going to mention the name of the popular survey websites from where you can earn money from filling survey.

Swagbucks –

This is quite popular since you may earn variety of ways to earn rewards. You may enjoy signup bonus too. Swagbucks is one of the largest and highly reliable paid survey sites. What makes it different from others is that they have paid approximately $600,000,000 in rewards to members all across the world. The best thing is that they also introduce rewards for playing games, searching the web, taking offers and to make online purchases and watching videos. Talking about rewards, you will be getting money, vouchers and prize draws. You can make amount per survey between 30-150 SB points. You might be wondering that how much time surveys take. It needs only 10 minutes and you may earn around $6.50.

Toluna –

It is regarded as one of the biggest survey panels introducing daily online surveys paid in the form of cash or vouchers. A distinguished opinion webportal working on behalf of regarded companies. They get to know about what sort of specific products, issues and services. You will have rewards in return. In the form of rewards, you may receive PayPal payments, high-street vouchers and amazon. You would be having amount per survey in between 1,200 – 50,000 points. Taking part into variety of surveys is quite easy with Toluna. Each survey gets done within 15 minutes. Toluna is also popular among the game lover since a game section is here to play and earn.

LifePoints –

Surveys on LifePoints can help you to make £3-5 per hour. LifePoints is an amalgamation of MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket. Talking about the rewards, you would be having paypal payments, high-street vouchers and amazon indeed. Talking about per survey, it is £1. And minimum rewards threshold you can make is 550 points.

Branded Surveys –

Branded Surveys was earlier known being Mintvine. The best thing is that Branded Surveys are quite popular with survey enthusiasts because of imparting a high volume of surveys. You will be having money or gift cards in the form of rewards. Amount varies as per survey. The best thing is that it is great to get new website. It is easy to use and fast paying. You may earn ongoing point for referring friends so that you can receive a percentage of everything you earn.

OnePoll –

Do you know that you would be having £5 signup bonus? It is time to go with quick and sort survey regarding every topic. OnePoll impart surveys to the press and major brands in a great way. In the form of rewards, you will be having cash or Paypal payments indeed. Talking about per survey, you will be having 10p-£1. Does not it sound great? The minimum reward threshold is £40. You may not believe that OnePoll is regarded as one of the survey sites. The survey would be taking around 3 minutes so at 20p a survey.

YouGov India –

There is a one more amazing survey company called YouGov. Being an internet-based market research and data analytics firm, it is quite popular. It is known as the high genuine site that you will get on the internet. You will be getting between 25-250 points to accomplish each survey. In addition, the best thing is that you can also redeem once you accomplish 5000 points in a great way. You may get up to 25 points to do profiling surveys. In addition, it can be in between 50-250 points to do regular surveys. Talking about the best thing of YouGov is that here you will always find the interesting survey and the zero chances of disapproval. It means you must visit this website to get more information.


Following this survey site, you may make £10+ a month. Does not is sound it great? Talking about one of the largest survey-based market research companies, I-Say is known for working with trustworthy brands as well as research companies all around the world. Talking about the rewards, you would be having high-stress and Amazon Vouchers. You will be having amount £1 and minimum rewards threshold would be £10.

InboxPounds –

It is indeed an unconventional survey webportal but that is why students prefer to go with it. The best thing is that you will also get paid to play games and search the web to. It is time to say yes to free signup bonus since you will be having it on InboxPounds.  It is time to get paid to play different play games and enjoy. They are regarded as the known survey platform. Get money and vouchers. The amount per survey is 20p-£1.

The OpinionPanel Community –

Members will receive £10 when you would be signing up. It is regarded as one of the survey website and anyone can log onto aged between 13-30. The best thing is that you may find interesting surveys and online focus groups for renowned brands and universities along with their research generally the media spotlight. If you want rewards, they would be Amazon and high street vouchers. The amount you would be getting between 50p-£4 per survey.

In The Last –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with your favourite platform to make more money indeed. We have suggested here some of the prominent survey sites. It is time to use your creativity to make more money. You will be having great experience indeed. Choose your favourite one and get into the best experience.

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