What Is The Roadmap For WordPress Users In 2021?

Here, it needs to mention that WordPress Roadmap has always been evolving and changing as the years go by. The new roadmap is emphasizing on planning stages so that expected results could be achieved in the context of testing, bug fixing, and beyond. Every year, updates are made right from small to major ones.

In 2021, it will be emphasizing Phase 2 of the Gutenberg Project. Talking about one of the most important key goals, it is all about to make it attainable for users so that its engagementcould be enhanced. You will be having attractive web content and so on.

Expected Updates and More In 2021

Moreover, we are supposed to get into the next year within a few months. Therefore, we also need to put extra effort to prepare an ideal roadmap for WordPress users in 2021. If you have been contemplating more about it, you need to go with the below-mentioned points.

Navigation Menu Block –

Navigation Block’s target is all about shipping with WordPress 5.4. The best thing is that it is supposed to be out of the experimental stage. It is available for beta testing in Guttenberg 7.0. The best thing is that the development team goes on this block for a variety of releases. Here, it needs to mention that this block is regarded as being a major piece of the site-customization puzzle.

Custom Block-Aware Content Areas For Themes –

A large part of Phase 1 is all about breaking outside of post contents so that more blocks could be added. Here, it needs to mention that it is not clear that what will look like in the long run indeed. Themes need to be able to add more additional block-aware areas. Does not is sound great that users will be having the opportunity to add more blocks easily. You do not need to go anywhere else when you will having outstanding experience being on the same platform.

Widget Areas To Support Blocks-

The current plan is all about to allow widget areas so that blocks and widgets could be supported. The Gutenberg plugin also holds experimental widget areas coming up with the incredible option to enable early versions of this feature holding a target releases of WordPress 5.5.

There are two features to make this feature indeed a reality. The first is all about making it work on the widgets admin screen. The second is all about making it work in the customizer to manage widgets. The experimental features will make it easier allowing users to add blocks to a sidebar. It can also be converted into a huge “block area” widget on output.

Block Directory Search And Install –

The next update is all about block directory search and install. Here, it needs to mention that this update will truly take your mood to the next level. All WordPress users will be able to search to have a block via the block inserter. Block could be added to the block area. Inserter will make it easy for the users to find new blocks from the block directory. Whether it is about installation, insertion, or activation of the new block, everything would be seamless.

Automatic Plugin, Major Core Updates, and Themes –

And the fact cannot be ignored that keeping up with plugin and theme updates can be a bit of pain for some site owners indeed. It would be ideal to have enough plugins. You may expect to have one or plugins to update daily.

Though, automatic plugin updates tried to mitigate this issue for many uses hosting solutions and Jetpack. The important thing is that it is a long-overdue core feature, which should be a high priority. Here, it needs to mention that no target release was given when it comes to auto-updates in the context of plugins/themes or major core releases. It is time to hope the feature would not get put on the back burner for another year indeed.

Trac Issues –

The next on the list is all about Trac Issues. It is indeed easy to forget that there could be several tickets waiting for reviews, patches, and decisions on Trac. Triaging is not something that ever truly concludes. It is called a sort of ongoing process thatneeds to keep going all around the life of a project.

Language and Translation –

Here, it needs to mention that a roadmap is all about improving and streamlining a multilingual website. We can expect a comprehensive translations system in the coming days indeed. We can also have all about the setting of basic translation features. You would not have to worry about plugins such as WPML and Polylang. The best thing is that WordPress Roadmap would be indeed interesting as it is currently.  

What About The Long Term Roadmap –

Though, the fact cannot be ignored that some features take time to get updated. Long term roadmap is worthy to mention here. Phase 2 of Gutenberg is supposed to continue at least following 2020. There are many plans for Phase 3 and 4 are all set to go ahead. Here, we are going to mention some of the prominent four phases of Gutenberg.

Easier Editing –

And it is already available in WordPress with ongoing. Though, we can expect more incoming day which will be quite advanced and outstanding indeed.

Customization –

It takes more time since there are many factors to emphasize such as

  • Block Patterns,
  • Block-Based Themes
  • Full Site Editing
  • Block Directory

Collaboration –

In the coming days, we could also have the feature of collaboration indeed. Collaboration is all about having a more intuitive way to co-author content.

Multi-lingual –

In between all this, multi-lingual is another factor fetching more attention from the users. Saying would not wrong that it is counted being a core implementation for multi-lingual sites.

In The Last –

WordPress is continually under development and we can expect some more exciting features in the coming days. The updated WordPress will truly make you fall in love with it. Hope this shared information would be helpful to you.

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