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Top 5 Ways to Attract Visitors in a Trade Show

The trade show offers a chance to connect and build a relationship with new customers in a short time. Unlike other marketing strategies, the exhibition gives you a direct selling experience in a tight competition. 

It is either you go big or go home. There is no in-between. The trade show allows hundreds of businesses to showcase their products. This results in a noisy competition in attracting visitors’ attention. 

The visitors, on the other hand, only come to the booth that catches their eyes first. Honestly, they don’t care about your product at all if your stand looks super tedious.

So, how to grab their attention to your trade show stand? Here are the top five ways to do it.

1. Choose A Strategic Location

It is one obvious strategy ever. Do place research to understand where could be the best section for visitors to stop by. 

Choosing the front or center spot is much better than getting your booth at the end of the exhibition hallway. Chance is the visitors are exhausted already and simply have no more motivation to visit your booth.

You can ask the organizers for the hall layout and ask them their advice. It can be more expensive to reserve the best spot, but by having a strategic location, you have sorted out problems like a vacant booth.

2. Conduct Interactive Activities

The best way to engage audiences is to include them in an activity. It can either be a big screen displaying your brands or having a demo product for the visitors to try themselves.

One of the examples is having an explainer video on your screen. It is a short and engaging video to convey your messages concisely. Since it’s short in length, you can loop your explainer video to grab your audiences’ attention. 

Demo products are also a nice way to gain potential customers as it allows them to have direct experience in trying the products. You can sell them right away if you’re lucky, and the demo is convincing enough. But, even if you are not, you already impress them with the experience that someday these visitors might finally purchase the product from you.

3. Have Some Giveaways 

People love freebies, we all do. Therefore, handling out a giveaway will most likely catch their attention to your booth. You can use this opportunity to spread your brand’s awareness by printing it out in your giveaway stuff.

One of the perks of having a giveaway is that you trade things for visitors’ contact numbers that you can follow up after the show. The problem is not many are willing to share their contacts in a trade show for free. By giving out freebies, you have an opportunity to get more leads in a short time.

Pro tip: do select usable things like notebooks, mugs, water bottles, or umbrellas. Do not mass print on cheap material and give a useless thing like pins. They will end up in a trashcan anyway. 

4. Design Your Booth

Suppose your booth is just that 10 ft x 10 ft plain box, then you are doomed. Designing your trade show booth is another key to grabbing people’s attention at first sight. They will notice the big difference when one particular booth outdid the neighbors. 

You can go simply by adding more lights or do a spectacular design that will stand out in the crowd. When your booth is exceptional, visitors cannot just pass by without checking out what deals your brands have.

5. More Preparations

What else should you do before the trade show? Do more preparations. There are a few things you need to point out to be successful in your exhibition.

Carefully Select the Staff

Selecting the right staff for your trade show is essential as they will serve the visitors with your brand information. A good staff knows how to present your products to the customers without bore them out. 

You can also set a reward for your staff who acquire more leads. This way, they will get motivated to do presentations and sell out your products since a week of trade shows can be exhausting.  

Study About Your Audiences

It is perhaps the most overlooked step for most exhibitionists. Doing audience research is important to plan how the information can be delivered effectively. So, you won’t end up in a wrong target market once you set up your booth.

By studying your audiences, you know what particular activities catch their attention, such as games or surveys. These strategies are great to keep visitors engaged in your booth longer.  

Set Up Goals and Plan Follow Up

Once you set your goals, you know what to do next in order to reach that vision. You can set a better booth design, for example, or plan a promotional campaign before the trade show. 

After all, a trade show gives your business more exposure and a chance to get potential customers. Therefore, do a lot of preparation to benefit the most of it. 

Final Thoughts

It is no wonder why such a trade show is still alive and kicking today. It’s because of the big advantages it brings to the business itself, unlike any other marketing schemes.

A trade show enables your business to get exposed directly to the audiences. They can experience your products and get to know more information in person.

However, to get the visitors’ attention, you must work hard to prepare your booth and other supporting materials. Follow these top five ways to attract the crowd to your stand and keep them there.

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