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Top 10 Apps Providing Free Gift Cards

Today, we are talking about the best gift card apps that you may download. The best thing is that everybody loves gift cards. It has always been a lovely feeling when you kick off to purchase something online. You will realize that you hold a gift card earned a while back that can truly cover the whole cast.

There are popular sites where you may earn points to purchased gift cards spending your spare time on stuff that you would like to do anyway including playing games, watching ads and pictures. Here, it needs to mention that these services do also have free smartphone apps that you may use to earn points.


Points2Shop is regarded as an iOS and Android app, which pay you to play games, complete offers, search the web and so on. The app let you accomplish all the tasks on it. You may earn 250 points.


It is a shopping related reward site. It generally emphasize on cash-back offers. Before you buy something, you require to check Ibotta first to see in order to make sure that there are any good cash-back deals regarding the product you have been planning to buy. Then you need to buy, you may scan your receipt to get the reward.

Ibotta does not prefer to go with a point scheme. They generally need to deposit cash directly into your account. You may have that cash to get transferred to Paypal or you may use it to purchase a gift card for one of the many popular brands on offer such as Best Buy, Amazon and Applebees indeed.


This service will be giving you extra points to do shopping online, searching the web and going through the videos. You should not go with traditional smartphone app. This smart app has an excellent mobile version of its website, which will automatically load when you kick off the page going with your portable devices.

Instance’s selection of gift cards is indeed quite massive. The list is of more than 10 pages long and it includes brands such as Walmart, 1—800-flowers and Advance Auto Parts. Talking about the redeem rate, it is 100 points per dollar.

Inbox Dollars

Surveys area the prominent attraction on this rewards site but you may also make money playing games and watching videos indeed. Here, it needs to mention that gift care selection is quite slim but they do have the most of the prominent retailers on their list such as Walmart and Amazon. The best thing is that Inbox Dollar does not go with any sort of point’s system. Accomplishing tasks gradually will lead towards adding cash to your account so that you may transfer directly to ad gift card of your choice. It means you need to earn at least $30 to request a payout indeed.


It is time to go with MyPoints, which is indeed quite good to go. The best thing about rewards sites is that they are generally tend to be sophisticatedly messy and confusing to navigate. However,MyPoints sports a slick interface, which is why they are easy on the eyes and quite functional. They come up with all sorts of basic activities that you get to see on most reward sites but shopping rebates are the prominent focus indeed. Swagbucks, the exchange rate from points to dollars also depends on the brand name indeed.


Here, it needs to mention that it is not technically. A gift card site but the way it works is quite close to how these sites do work. The best thing is that they need appeal to same group of folks. All needed focus is on cash back rebates to do online shopping at online retailers. The money you collect is sent to you on the monthly basis following check or Paypal. The best thing is that this app is indeed available for prominent platform. They do have a nifty chrome extension, which plays a major role to keep track of your online purchase so you would not be miss out on.


It is prominently a survey site but you may also earn by performing micro tasks, inviting your friends to join the service and watching videos. The best thing is that selections of gift cards do also seem quite good. There are many others such as Southwest Airlines, iTunes and so on. The exchange rate is $1 for every 100 points. Here, it needs to mention that some of gift cards are only of $5. It means you would be able to cash out at 500 points and it is not bad at all.


The popular service comes up with good press from big media sites such Business Insider, The Huffington Post and MSN.You will be having the prominent activities you get on rewards sites such videos, games and surveys indeed. You only require $1 to redeem which is incredibly lower in comparison of other services. You may also go ahead to opt to take your payment as a cash deposit or purchase a gift card. Unfortunately, much information is not available to non-members regarding exchange rates or the gift card brands available.

Cash Crate

It is one of the longest-running reward sites since it lets you earn rewards following variety of ways. The app is probably worked being the website so that it gives you a way to get more rewards quite easily. You must choose it if you prefer to take surveys, playing games, since you will be having complete offers to make more points, which you can redeem for gift cards.


Ebates is regarded one of quite popular cash back shopping platforms. This app is available for both iOS and Android Devices in comparison of its websites. If you love online shopping then you may go for this too. Go for this app to enjoy online shopping and get cash back for your buying with partnered retailers indeed. As of now, many have used it and find it just outstanding.

In The Last

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to choose the best app accordingly. You will be having amazing experience indeed.

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