How Much You Can Earn From Freelancing?

Freelancing is making a huge buzz these days because of various reasons. The most common reason is that you can make a huge amount of money doing freelancing. All you need to make sure that you are going with the right client. However,many people want to know that how much you can earn doing freelancing. Here, we are going emphasize on it.

What Does Study Say

PayPal did a survey recently to know that how many freelancers do earn in India.  Talking about the accurate facts, some of them have been mentioned below. As per survey, 23% percent freelancers do earn in between INR 40-45 lakh annually. On the other hand, there is a category of freelancer of 23% earning between INR 2.5-5 lakh annually. The next category is of freelancers holding 13% who earn 10-15 Lakh annually. In addition, the 11% freelancers do earn INR 2.5 lakh or less annually. Moreover, there is a category of 8 percent freelancers who earn between INR 7.5-10 Lakh annually.

How Much You Can Expect Being a Freelancer

Have you been wondering that how much a beginner freelancer can earn? Studies say that freelancers who just started their career can also make good money in this field. You may earn between INR 10,000 to 30,000 per month in India. On the other hand, experienced one can make up to INR 80,000 monthly. Moreover, earning also depends on the sort of work and the scope.

How Much Do Freelancers Charge

If you are going to kick off your career being a freelancer then you might be thinking that how much freelancers charge. Here, we are going to mention about the prominent three ways by which freelancers charge their clients. Let us check it out more about it in an ideal way –

  • Retainer Basis – A freelancer retainer is all about a contractual agreement done in between a freelancer and a company. This agreement is all about mentioning that the freelancer would be working a particular number of hours every month in exchange to have a flat fee payment.
  • Charging Hourly –This type is all about if you are supposed to dedicate a particular fixed amount of time per week to your freelance clients. It means you would be allowed set an hourly price for your freelance skills. It calculates following the amount of hours, which it takes you to accomplish a project.
  • Charging On A Project Basis – This is one of the most common methods. Most freelancers consider their skills and account for everything, which needs into a project. Project basis is quite popular among the freelancers since they do it right from starting to end.

How to Kick Off Freelancing Career

Now, you might have accumulated needed information about freelance career. Have you been wondering that what points you need to keep in mind then you have landed at the right place indeed.

If you are going to kick off freelance work without any prior experience, it is ideal to kick off building your network first. You should contact your primary network of friends or close acquaintances and let them know that you are hunting for freelancing.

Networking is called the key to get many new projects being a freelancer. It is up to you that which project you want to choose. Experts say that you should keep working on making your networking stronger and you can do it staying in touch with your old friends, associates and acquaintances. These people are called the once you may count on to lend a helping hand when you require them to make your career way much stronger.

Do make it a point to grab at least one networking even in a month. It is needed only to come across many new people but experience can truly be handy in the context of accelerating your graph in a great way. Do send your cold pitches to places where you suppose to work once in a month. You must go through their web portal and social media to get to have worked you want to have. Moreover, you may pitch being personalized and relevant as possible.

Go With Social Media Handles to Fetch More Opportunities

You may also go ahead to update your resume. Your social media handle can also work magical to you. You may not believe that your social media handles can bring many jobs to you. Moreover, it can also let people in your primary network to know that you are up for freelance work indeed.

Facebook is regarded as an ideal place not just to share links to your work but it also connects with like-minded people. It means you will also get more people like you in your professional life. You may also go ahead to join communities and job portals as per your interest, skills and creativity indeed. It is time to be sure to look out for posts detailing project requirements.  You can grab more information from it.

If your work holds a lot of visuals value, go with Pinterest to kick off a professional board and display your work to clients. You may use your Twitter in this context too. Go with your Twitter bio to sum up the kind of work you do and share link to your work at least once a week.

Even if you are in the creative space then you may go with the option called LinkedIn seems too professional. This is quite popular. You may also use the platform to fetch more traffic to your social media pages/blog. It is time to get connected with the heads of departments of the companies your like to work for. It is time to watch out regarding their posts on job opportunities.

In The Last

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the best option called freelancing to make more money fast and quickly. The best thing is that you would not have to go under any boss compromising the freedom.

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